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Solomon Creativity, is a main service brand founded in 2014, by Joyous Media (Beijing) Ltd..

Joyous Media (Beijing) Ltd. was originally founded in 2006, at Pioneer park of USTB. In 2014, key adjustment was made on the direction of business development, and from then on, we moved on the new business track. Our team members have various professional backgrounds, specializing in creative industry, like film, media, design, publishing and so on.

We are practical , efficient and sincere. We never stop learning new things and keep improving our abilities in order to be competitive. Passions, experiences, and up-to date knowledge, give us much more confidence to provide quality service for our clients and produce impressive visual products.


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We welcome anyone who has passion and talent to join us for different projects, to enjoy the fun of team working. We can provide flexible work patterns, no matter you want to be independent or more bounded, prefer fulltime or parttime job, we are always happy to see you to join us.

Please send your resume or CV to the following email address, we will NOT disclose your information to the third party or our irrelevant staffs.

We will reply to your business requirements as soon as possible.

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For film distribution business(incl. clients of Joyous Media), please contact:

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You can contact us via QQ to enquire:, via Skype:solomoncreativity

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