Film & TV

Basically, we have two parts in our film and TV business. One is production, the other is distribution.


Experienced moving image production team could produce short film, TV movie, documentary,. adverts and corporate video for clients for their varied purposes. Team members are from film or TV educational backgrounds and qualified as professionals through their plenty of remarkable works. Feel free to contact us for production concerns.

Old clients of Joyous Media, still can contact us for distribution of your film or TV works in China. We build more connections in last fdew years with internet rights buyers , TV channels and film distributors. For some reasons, business within film industry of Joyous Media would run offline mostly. However, this would not affect you to cotnact us for your business concerns.

Some Experienced Projects:  
Advert LUCOZADE Drink Advert ELLO Toy Advert KODAK Picture CD
Short film HURT Documentary On Course For The UK Short Film HAPPY CITY
Documentary HRB Martyrs Cemetery Documentary Mainstay of the Republic Documentary Chinese Opera Character



Our distribution business mainly continues Joyous Media's distribution business from now on. We work as sales agent to represent foreign films(Fiction and Faction, TV episodes,etc.) in China. We negociate with Chinese buyers and license the rigths to them according to agreements. We also have Chinese films for oversea markets. No matter you are old clients of Joyous Media or newly interested in us business, please feel free to contact via Email for your

Some Experienced Projects:



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